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Hartley Consultants used to provided IT and Web design, development and support services. Founded by Alan Chandler after a 37 year career at the major international IT systems and services company Logica, he brought that wealth of experience to the projects that he undertook, through Hartley Consultants, for customers from all over the world. In his latter years at Logica, Alan was the worldwide solutions strategy director for Smart Metering and Smart Grids and he continued to undertake small projects for Hartley Consultants.

Alan's real passion was and still is software and web application development which he conducted as a hobby for over 15 years when his career progression within Logica took him away from the technical details. He brought that passion to the products and services offered by Hartley Consultants and he occassionally blogs about technical issues (and other matters) at his personal web site, Chandler's Zen.

Alan is almost retired. He continues work with an existing customer on a part time basis but has no interest in any new work.