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About Us

Hartley Consultants provides IT and web design, development and support services. Founded by Alan Chandler after a 37 year career at the major international IT systems and services company Logica, he brings that wealth of experience to the the projects that he undertakes, through Hartley Consultants, for customers from all over the world. In his latter years at Logica, Alan was the worldwide solutions strategy director for Smart Metering and Smart Grids and he continues to undertake small projects in this arena today. For those interested, Alan's CV is available to download in either a pdf or word format from the two icons just to the right and a broader summary is on our experience page.

Alan's real passion is software and web application development which he has conducted as a hobby for over 15 years when his career progression within Logica took him away from the technical details. He brings that passion to the products and services offered by Hartley Consultants and he continues to blog about technical issues (and other matters) at his personal web site, Chandler's Zen.

At Hartley Consultants we embrace the concept of elegance. Simple, refined and efficient design uses the power of the computer to support the user in achieving his goals whilst doing so in a way that keeps the support costs down. For example our “Starter Packs” provides a cost effective way for small businesses to set up their first web site to show off their products and services. An elegant framework enables us to achieve the the low costs that are such good value.

In a similar vein, clubs and other similar organisations who want to maintain an on-line community can do so with our hosted forums, a service which provides expertise in setting up and maintaining Simple Machines forum software (known as SMF). Based around the expertise gained whilst operating such a forum for over 3 years for Melinda's Backups, the fan club for Melinda Doolittle, a contestant on American Idol, we now support several such small communities with their online presence.

Despite the vast array of packaged software available in the market, many small businesses have the occasional special application that is absolutely crucial to their business. Employing full time IT support just to develop and maintain that application is not cost effective when Hartley Consultants can do it for you. We believe that before risking your business on us, you need to get to know us so that you can establish a level of trust. Please contact us so that we can start the process of building that confidence that you need.